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En plano fijo: recorrido por los cameos de Alfred Hitchcock


Alfred Hitchcock was a complicated and brilliant director with a unique sense of humor. Something that he loved doing was making cameos in his films. Here is a small collection of just a few of his uncredited appearances.

Colección de cameos de Alfred Hitchcock en algunas de sus películas.

En plano fijo: trío de copas en ‘Barfly’


Faye Dunaway, Charles Bukowski, and Mickey Rourke on the set of “Barfly” (1987) #tbt

Faye Dunawar, Charles Bukowski y Mickey Rourke durante el rodaje de Barfly (1987)

En plano fijo: la flor en la boca de Billy Wilder

“Billy Wilder came up to me in a little restaurant and introduced himself and said ‘Now, leesen, I got dis film here, and it’s a period piece, ‘bout a couple of museecians who vitness the St Valentine’s Day Massace,…and you’re in drag for 85 per cent of the picture. You want to do it?’
If Billy called me tomorrow with one line, I would do it because it’s the good fortune of even just knowing him. He’s one of the most stimulating things in my life. I don’t know what it would be like to spend 60 seconds with him that were dull.” Jack Lemmon

Billy Wilder ensaya con Jack Lemmon el famoso tango de Con faldas y a lo loco

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